Nestera Lodge Coop


Nestera Lodge Coop

Refined over twenty years, our chicken coops are the embodiment of your flock’s comfort and wellbeing. Our coops are purposefully designed to ensure an effortless cleaning experience while offering an unmatched longevity.

Each of our unique coop styles is available in three sizes to house between 2-10 hens, depending on their size. Our Small coop (accommodating 2 large hens, 3 medium size chickens or 5 bantams) comes equipped with a perch and a nesting box, while the Medium (housing 3 large hens, 4 Medium size chickens or 6 bantams) and Large (suitable for 5 large hens, 6 medium size or 10 bantams) models boast two perches and two nesting boxes each.

Our Lodge coops are conveniently elevated 8.9″ above ground, making them simpler to clean and collect eggs from. The additional space beneath the Lodge Raised coops can serve as a feeding area and offer your hens a safe haven during inclement weather.

Assured Comfort

Our coops feature adjustable ventilation and superior thermal insulation, ensuring a comfortable environment all year round. The gently curved perches provide a secure and restful night’s sleep for your birds.

Easy Cleaning

Generously sized rear hatches, removable roofs, and easily detachable nesting boxes provide comprehensive access to the interior, making cleaning a breeze. Prioritizing your chickens’ health, our coops are designed to enhance hygiene, promoting effortless regular cleaning.

Red Mite Resistant

Nestera coops leave no room for red mites to hide and breed. By using recycled plastic instead of wood, we ensure easy cleaning and thwart red mite infestation, a significant concern among chicken keepers. Many of our customers report a remarkable decrease in infestations.

Unbeatable Durability

Crafted from 3/8″-thick 100% recycled plastic, our coops not only reduce environmental impact but also offer an extended lifespan, outperforming any competitor. Offering superior weather resistance, our coops are UV-protected and built to last, which is why we confidently provide a 25-year guarantee! Rest assured, your chickens will remain dry and secure in their Nostera coop – no matter the weather.

Upgrade Your Coop

Have you explored our accessories range yet? We offer a detachable wheel set for hassle-free relocation of your coop, removable droppings trays for effortless cleaning, and automatic door openers so you can stay in bed while your chickens start their day!

Optional Equipment Available

Dropping Tray                                                                                                                                                                               
Solar Panel for WiFi Coop Camera


The Nestera Raised Coop is available in 3 sizes.                                                                                         Dimensions


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