Anti Migration Fence U-Panel


Anti Migration Fence U-Panel

• Manufactured with 100% virgin plastic and additives that provides high resistance and durability.
• Air Spaces of 80% tested in UGA, USA.
• Thanks to its design, stowing it away is quick and easy, multiple sections fold flat to occupy the least amount of space.
• It is recommended to place at least 5 sections per house.
• Avoids bird migration.
• Improve feed conversion.
• Reduction of heat stress.
• Maintains the appropriate density of birds per feeder and nipple.
• Promote feed intake.
• Increase Uniformity.
• Reduce Mortality.
• Quick return on investment.

Need help determining how many panels you need?  Send us an email to [email protected] and tell us the answers to the following:

  • Width of the Chicken House

  • Number of Feed & drinking (nipple) lines

  • How many partitions would you like per house

  • Number of houses 


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