Coops for transporting live poultry. Because they are stackable, the Poly Koop live chicken transportation coops reduce shipping costs in up to 50%

Raw Material: Made of high density polyethylene 100% virgin + UV additive (Compliant with FDA and EEC)
Design allows better ventilation and more protection for your birds.

Size: 9″. 35.5″x 23.5″ x 9″ / 11″: 35.5″x 23.5″x 11″
Weight: 9″:12.5 lbs /11″: 14.45 lbs
Load bearing capacity: 1763 lbs

Load capacity (internal): 77 lbs (10-12 birds)


Spacers & Rivet/Washer kits are sold separately to convert 9″ Koops into 11″Koops


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