Since 1964, INDIV has worked hard to reach its status as a prestigious international brand and global supplier of poultry equipment, poultry supplies, and poultry processing tools by maintaining a long history of serving our clients in the United States and all around the world. In an effort to continue our positive growth, INDIV is proud to offer the products shown on this website. The same business philosophies of performance and customer service, which have made us successful for over half a century, are the same ones we use in our sales in the USA operations. We are here to serve our USA customers with excellent products, customer service, and the technical knowledge our customers have come to expect. We would appreciate the opportunity to help your business with all your poultry and swine equipment and supplies.


INDIV has a long history of collaboration with some of the world’s largest integrated food manufacturers. The company has also helped relatively small and developing enterprises to meet their production goals in the poultry industry; providing quality poultry feeders, poultry drinkers, poultry accessories and supplies to small and large business alike.