Turbo-Mate 2 Automatic Baby Chick Feeder


Turbo-Mate 2 Automatic Baby Chick Feeder

Can feed baby chicks from 1 -14 days old.  Replaces “Floor Feeding Systems” that use trays or paper.  We recommend placing it between automatic feeders.  The exclusive bi-directional rotation system feature offers positions from 0° to 170°.  Which allows for easy feeding, cleaning or suspending use in just one quick movement.

Designed to work with automatic feeders like: INDIV, Chore Time*, Big Dutchman, Cumberland, Roxell, Val-Co and others.

The Turbo-Mate consists of a hopper, pan, a hanger and bracket with a feed dispenser shutter.  Made of 100% high density virgin plastic with protective additives for durability.

The Capacity is 2.6 pounds.  We recommend one TURBOMATE 2® feeder per 50-100 chicks.

· The clamp is easy to install around the metal feeder tube (smooth or ripe) and remains permanently fixed.

· To be installed with or without automatic feeders that have high height, considering the distance of the floor to the lower level of the tube from 9 – 10″

· Greater live weight from the first week to the end of the flock.

· Reduce mortality and cross infections.

· Improve Feed Conversion.

· Promotes intestinal integrity avoiding litter intake.

· Easy to wash and disinfect.

Case Quanitity:  22/box

Pallet Quantity:  24 Cases  (528 units)

Truckload:  768 Cases (16896 units)


*Chore-Time Revolution requires long neck version


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