Turbogrow 1 Chick Feeder


Turbogrow 1 Chick Feeder

The Classic Round Chick feeder for both broilers and breeders from 1 to 12-15 days of age with an exclusive assembly system. The new improved design features reinforced parts, and improved quality compared to the original design or other copies.

Components: Hopper and Pan

Hopper: a cylindrical and conic form. 6 distribution windows with 6 strong support arms. Wall has a 60° slope.
Pan: “W” form and design of the lip avoids wasting feed, while keeping chicks from getting in the pan.


Better live weight at first week of age
Better live weight at the end of the flock
Improved Uniformity
Improved Feed conversion
Minimal Feed waste
Method of use: TURBOGROW can be filled manually or automated


Pan Height 1.9″
Total Height 7.5″
Diameter 9.85″
Capacity: 10.00 pounds

Recommended density: 50-100 chicks