Turbogrow 2 Chick Feeder


Turbogrow 2 Chick Feeder

The INNOVATIVE , Original Patented TURBOGROW 2 is a unique rounded rectangular feeder designed to be filled automatically for broiler and breeders from 1 to 12 days of age.

What sets this feeder apart from other round chick feeders is that it allows more space between the feeders for baby chicks to migrate in between feeder and watering lines.

Components: Patented Hopper and Pan assembly system

Hopper: 6 distribution windows with 6 strong support arms has a 60° wall slope.
Pan: “W” form and lip avoids wasting food and keeps chicks and litter from getting into the pan.  Keeping feed cleaner!

Method of use:  Designed to be used as an automatic or manually filled feeder  as a complimentary feeder for chicks.

Dimensions: Width: 6.3″ x Length: 14.96″ x Height: 7.5″

Total Feed Capacity: 11 pounds

Recommended density:  50-100 chicks per feeder