Anti Migration Fence Metal Base


Anti Migration Fence Metal Base

• Air Spaces of 80% tested in UGA, USA.
• Thanks to its design, stowing it away is quick and easy, multiple sections fold flat to occupy the least amount of space.
• It is recommended to place at least 5 sections per house.
• Avoids bird migration.
• Improve feed conversion.
• Reduction of heat stress.
• Maintains the appropriate density of birds per feeder and nipple.
• Promote feed intake.
• Increase Uniformity.
• Reduce Mortality.
• Quick return on investment.

Need help determining how many panels and components you need?  Send us an email to and tell us the following information and we will be happy to send a quote back to you:

  • Width of your chicken house?

  • Number of Feed & drinking (nipple) lines?

  • How many partitions would you like per house?

  • Number of houses?

  • Your shipping address and zip code