Nestera Raised Coop


Nestera Raised Coop

Our most popular coop is available with our full range of additional accessories, including a secure 6.5ft Run, a Wheelset, Removable Droppings Trays,  Automatic Door and a WiFi Coop Camera.

Shelter from the elements

Elevated 17.7″ off the ground, the Raised Coop features a sheltered area under the coop to offer your flock protection from the sun, wind and rain, as well as providing a secure space for them to feed and play.

Easy Cleaning

The smooth recycled plastic leaves nowhere for red mite to hide, and the coop’s interior is easy to clean with nothing more than a quick hose-down. It dries in moments, so no more waiting for wooden panels to dry!

Easily accessible via the coop’s large rear door, our Removable Droppings Trays make the cleaning process even simpler

Optional Equipment Available

Run (for large coop only)
Dropping Tray                                                                                                                                                                               
Solar Panel for WiFi Coop Camera


The Nestera Raised Coop is available in 3 sizes.                                                                                         Dimensions


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