Humidiboost External Humidistat


Humidiboost External Humidistat

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Introducing the HumidiBoost AddOn Room and Incubator Humidifier!

The solution for people struggling to raise humidity in their incubators. The HumdiBoost is designed to boost the humidity level in your ROOM as well as in your Incubator/Hatcher. This is the reason why the unit has both a tube to feed humidity directly into the incubator (this is optional and mostly only needed in very dry areas) as well as an outlet which humidifies the room.  The HumidiBoost only boosts the humidity and DOES NOT CONTROL THE  HUMIDITY LEVEL INSIDE THE INCUBATOR.  You will find that the humidity percentage of the incubator is usually higher than the reading of the HumidiBoost because the HumidiBoost is measuring the ROOM Humidity and NOT incubator  humidity.

It’s super easy to use as you can set the desired humidity. It basically humidifies the air coming into the incubator thereby making it easier for the incubator to maintain and raise it’s humidity.

The Humidiboost has a larger capacity and output than other similar add on humidifiers on the market.

The Humidiboost is fully digital so  you can set the desired humidity percentage, increase or decrease the output as well as place it on a timer if desired.

5 in stock (can be backordered)

5 in stock (can be backordered)


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