Sani-slat XL


Sani-slat XL

Sani-Slat  is manufactured of high quality 100% virgin plastic materials produced in the USA. They can be used to replace wood slats in both Layer and Breeder Houses, flooring in kennels or as bench tops in greenhouses! They offer a longer life than other slats as they will not rust or rot!

The slat measures 60” x 24″ x 1.5”and has large 1” square hole openings with a specially designed non-porous surface; this allows for easy manure passage which assists with the prevention of manure build-up and bacteria. This provides a more sanitary environment for the bird and slat eggs when compared with wooden slats.  Keeps kennel floors cleaner and drier.

At 60″, the Sani-Slat XL is larger (12 inches longer) than our original Sani-Slat, but only requires 16 screws per slat.

It’s faster, easier, and less expensive to install than traditional slats.
This new design allows better stacking for reduced shipping costs.
Exceptional strength and rigidity.
Still just as great for hygiene!


All colors have a UV additive to protect from damage when exposed to sunlight.