Piedmont Turkey Transport Coop


 Piedmont Turkey Transport Coop

The NEW Piedmont Turkey Transport coops boast strength and durability, coupled with hygienic features that make them easy to clean. They safeguard the birds’ health through superior ventilation, convenient stacking, and smooth, rounded surfaces that minimize injury risks, such as bruises and broken wings, during handling. Constructed from high-density polyethylene and UV stabilized, they withstand sun damage effectively. Additionally, the coops are designed for effortless assembly, requiring no tools—just simple pressure to secure the components together. Double doors make loading and unloading easy!


Dimensions:  38.19” x 22.83” x 16.54”
Sliding top door size:  16.54″  x 12.60”
Weight 26 lbs
Capacity: 4 turkeys, dependent on climate and weight


Sold individually or in bulk packs for quantity discounts.


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