· Ecological- Using sustainable manufacturing practices with 50% certified quality reprocessed plastic along with 50% virgin plastic.

· Clean Birds and Eggs- Manure does not build up on the slat providing a cleaner environment, keeping both birds and eggs clean.

· Value- The ECV– 50 a  blend of both virgin and reprocessed plastics offers a good value while offering a quality long lasting slat.

· 1” square hole openings with a specially designed non-porous surface allows for easy manure passage which assists with the prevention of manure build-up and bacteria. This provides a more sanitary environment for the bird and slat eggs when compared with wooden slats.

· Installation- Faster installation with fewer screws required than other slats, and may be installed with only 3 wood runners on wood frame. This slat is also suitable for use with steel rail support systems.

· Great for use in Green houses too!

Size- 24” tall x 48” wide