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  • Our curtains come standard with one small hem (which can accommodate conduit with an outside diameter of up to .922". Medium and Large hems are also available. If 2 hems are needed please add $.10 per foot to the price of the curtain.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 600.
    Please note, we will add 2' of curtain to this length to allow enough material to overlap the ends.
    *Vinyl material over 72" will have a horizontal seam to make wider widths
    ** Hems also available in Medium (4") and Large (5")sizes. These hems will reduce the net width above by one or two inches.
    **Maximum roll size of Vinyl products is 300'
  • Please enter a number from 9 to 138.
    Please note, we will add 8"-12" of material to this size to allow for overlap on both the top and bottom of opening.
  • We can also provide a quote for the accessories needed to install your curtains.