Digital Food Thermometer


Digital Food Thermometer

Instant Digital Read Food Thermometer

Large screen display, can measure bottles, barbecue, food, soil, etc.


-58 to 578 degrees Fahreinheit/-50 to 300 degrees Celsius(± 2 ° C error)

Power source: AG13 button battery (Not Included)

Button function descriptions:

1 ON / OFF: switch function

2 C / F: Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion

3 HOLD: Temperature lock function, press this button, the temperature is locked at the time, and then press the lock function to release.

4 MAX / MIN: high temperature and low temperature memory, press this button to display the previous high temperature, then press the previous low temperature display, then press to restore the temperature measurement state.

The probe is made of stainless steel

Easily measures temperatures of: water, food, liquid, paste, oil , milk , tea, soup, beer, meat, soil etc.

Suitable for many fields such as refrigeration, heating, food processing, rubber and plastic processing.